Manga and more Whining

I bought volumes 5-9 of Fruits Basket (Furuba) at AX and finished reading them in oh, 2 days. x.x I went online and found and bought volumes 10-13 of Furuba and 12 of KareKano (Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou). I would have ordered more Furuba, but those are the only ones out right now… vol 14 doesn’t come out until August. There are 20 volumes of Furuba in all, and the tokyopop site doesn’t give the release dates for the other volumes, boo. I’ll probably wait until they are all released to buy more. There are 21 volumes of Kare Kano, 20 of which have been released. Maybe I’ll switch to that for a while. But I’ll probably have to stop buying manga for a while, I need to pay for school fees at the end of the month, then books after that, and my sister’s bachelorette party to Las Vegas, and (more) school fees if I can’t get any grants or loans.

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