Bridesmaid stuff.

Well, yesterday was an eventful bridesmaid day! I went to David’s Bridal and picked up the final version my dress, with all the alterations done and everything. By the way, it’s this dress (Style # 8660 in Apple). I’m SO glad that’s out of the way. The alterations I had to do on it cost the same as the dress itself, weep. My damned big ass.

After that, Teresa and I headed over to a little bridal shop pretty much a couple blocks away so I could try on some bridesmaid dresses (again). Teresa is letting her bridesmaids pick pretty much any dress they want, as long as it’s in the right color and material. The first time I went I thought I liked this dress (style #369 in Pomegranate), but when I went back again I realized that I didn’t really care for that dress at all because the detail at the waist was in a weird place and made my waist look… well, weird haha. When I went back I tried on this dress (style # A6242 in claret) and decided to go with that one. You can’t really tell in the picture but it’s just below the knee and has an option for straps, which I may go with, I haven’t decided yet. I’m really excited that I finally ordered the dress!! Hopefully Teresa’s other bridesmaids will get on the bandwagon now, hehe. The maid of honor is most likely getting this dress (style #442 in Pomegranate), one of the other maids is probably getting my first choice, and the last maid is probably getting a shorter length one like mine.

I really like how she’s letting us choose our own dresses. Since all of her bridesmaids live all over the country (one in San Francisco, one in Portland, one in Boston, and me in Orange County) it would have been too hard to order them all from the same store so we could all get our dresses from the same dye lot, so we might as well have different dresses, too. Plus this way we’ll all have the dress we like the best and feel the most comfortable in. I’ll probably do the same thing if I ever get married. 🙂

Only two weeks until Greg’s wedding and 5 months and 2 weeks until Teresa’s wedding! I can’t wait!

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