End o’ Semester Blues

Well, I only have 5 weeks left in the spring semester and I’m SO happy. It’s been really rough getting through all of my classes this time around since I only like one of them (yay Contemporary Novels!). Most of my classes are not having a formal test final, we’re doing papers and projects instead. I do have a final for my one GE class though, Anthropology. But I also have a paper due haha, how is that fair?? Here’s what’s left on my plate for this semester:

  1. 463 – essay
  2. 301 – essay 5
  3. 211 – 25 minute performance of selection from Volpone
  4. 211 – criticism project
  5. 301 – final essay
  6. 463 – final essay
  7. 100 – final essay
  8. 100 – Written final
  9. 312 – final portfolio

Ohh how lovely that is, haha. After that, I’m looking forward to reading some books over the summer (several of which I was supposed to read during the semester but never got around to… oops 😳 one of them I haven’t even bought yet, lol, and I somehow doubt that I will).

Good luck all of us in the final stretch!! I think I’ll stop procrastinating now and write my 463 essay. Oh yeah, still nothing from UCI… :weird:

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