There is no end to our silliness.

[18:26] rin: it was so funny, on easter mike and i went to his aunt’s house and greg and kristin did too
[18:26] rin: so greg is like “what did you do this morning?” to me and i was like uh… homework? and he goes “WOW THAT SUCKS WHAT A GREAT WAY TO SPEND THE HOLIDAY”
[18:27] rin: i was like “??? uhh sorry??”
[18:27] rin: what am i supposed to do you know, join a parade and dance in the streets
[18:27] Vanessa: Hahaha
[18:28] Vanessa: God I just had to contain my laughter just now
[18:28] rin: lol why where are you
[18:28] Vanessa: I just had this mental image of you dancing around in the streets with Aladdin when he’s going to the palace, with like a ribbon dancer
[18:28] Vanessa: I’m in the Psyc village
[18:28] rin: lol!!!
[18:28] rin: awesome
[18:28] Vanessa: Ahhh
[18:28] Vanessa: You crack me up

It occurs to me that I say lol too much. lol!!

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