Lindsay Lohan as Sailor Moon??

This has to be one of the funniest things I’ve heard this year:

We suppose this could be considered our first legitimate completely unsubstantiated rumor that’ll probably turn out to be false scoop. We were recently passed on the information that a Japanese Magazine titled Animage, in their current issue, announced that Fox has acquired the rights to the popular anime series SAILOR MOON and is looking to Joss Whedon to presumably write and direct a live action film. Further, they’re hoping Miss Can’t Keep Her Genitals Inside Her Clothes herself Lindsay Lohan will star alongside Jennifer Garner (as the main villain) in an all non-Asian cast.


Sweet LORD I hope this is true!! It would be the funniest thing ever!! Can you imagine the Live Action Sailor Moon series — with LiLo in the lead?? Wait, you don’t have to… I’ve created an image for you:

Bwahahahahaha 😀

37 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan as Sailor Moon??

  1. OH My GOD! Linsay Lohan can NOT be Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon is supposed to be a 9th grade, innocent, naive, sweet girl! Lindsay Lohan is nothing like Sailor Moon! And, finally, the Live Action has already been done! Not to mention, Sailor Moon has two versions. English, and Japeneise. The Japeneise and original version was focused toward teens and adults. The English version was Sailor Moon redone (and completely demolished if you ask me) version done by DiC and other companies. The English version is focused toward kids, and is better known in Amerca than the Japaneise. So either way, the wrong audience is going to want to see it. Please, whoever is planning on doing this, DO NOT DO IT! Besides, it’s already been done as a live action once!

  2. Well ifyou want my opinionthis movie will be a complete rape to the glorious history of sailormoon’s career because since Lindsay ia a worldwide known youcma err… sorry actress the movie will be surely played on cinemas all over the world so peoplewho don;t know who sailr moon is may think it’s only an american movie and nothing more.And since the movie will be newer thna the animeand the manga will takeall the glory and fame istelf.And IF it becomes successfull there will be MORE AND MORE American movies based on anime and manga.It hsa already happened with “Aeon Flux” which originally was a manga.SO WE THE JAPANESSE SAILOR MOON FANS WON;T LET Lindasy-Youma take Usagi’s glory.NEVER GIVE UP GAMBARUWA!!P.:Guess Usagis name at the American movie:SERENA Eowwwwwwwwwww……. ps2:the only good thing that may happen will be a republication of the sailormoon manga in english butI don’t think so and IF that happens they may change thenames of the characters again so they will match to the movies which will probably be silly names such as: Srena Rini Darien et.c. Andof Course Sailor Moon will be a total slut in the movie because come on! Lindsay will be on the leading role and the film will be american and they will make a film just like the ones baed on the american comics… And of course the anime will be forgotten and in theamerican movie there will be lots of violence and blood and Mars slapping Sailor Moon as much was cut bi DIC inthe American version of thr anime…

  3. O GOD NO! I love Sailor Moon in all of it’s incarnations, Manga,Anime,PGSM,and Sera-Myu. God I didn’t like Fuminal moon in the musicals I’d go insane if Lohan was Usagi-chan,I’d be a better Sailor Moon(that there is saying something) Usagi is only about 14 in Clasic and 16 in Stars and Lohan is older then that…..and god I’d be scared for Ami she’d be mady nerder then the anime had her, and if this became secsessfull only purisist would remeber the manga/anime/PGSM/Musical Sailor Moon(Sera-Myu)I’m about as purist as you get and Lohan shall die if she accualy is Sailor Moon….because I’d get my ninja monkey to kill her.This would become a horoble kids movie or a horroble movie were Usagi and Mamo-chan are making out when ever there not fighting Rei slaping Usagi all the time and of cosrse they’d probobly use dub names……now I’m going to get my ninja monkeys ready

  4. horrible!!!!!!!!! I had also seen that and I was schocked!! I mean why do always big teenage movie stars get opportunities like that?! why can t they find somebody who really looks and acts like sailor moon and her friends also?! there are 6 billiard of people now on the earth!!! ddd

  5. some one here said usagi was 16 in stars and hello in stars she says when im 16 i can get married u need to learn ur facts and anbout the movie at firast i was exited i mean a mainstram sm movie wahoo i wish i could get the sera myus on dvd even if they are all in japanesse but lohan cant be my sailor moon and i didnt mind the dubed named serena is a sweet name for the princess of the moon but if they ave neptune an uranus i wanna see them kiss lips

  6. Lindsay can NOT, I repeat, can NOT be Sailor Moon. Usagi is a warm hearted girl, a cry baby yes, but warm hearted. LL is defanatly not that. She is a terrible singer and an even worse actor. She would shatter our moon princess’s pure beautiful name. And names like Serena, Rini, and Darien are not dumb names!!! Although I much rather have Usagi, Chbi-usa, and Momuru. I say Sailor Moon should be left to the true usagie fans!

  7. oh pelease ur so pathetic lindsay lohan wil make something of sailor moon.. shes hot, good actress and singer so shhhhhhhhhh… you jealous losers.

  8. i wouldn’t entertain the useless rumors that obviously aren’t true, the copyright for sailor moon is out, but the japanese companies that sponser it would never sell it to an american company unless said company has establised themselves as competent to present anything vaguely representing sailor moon. they won’t allow another saban entertainment idea to try and break out.

    also, if any american company ever did make a sailor moon live action, they would more than likely make like the superman movies and choose a nobody with a little bit of experience to play her.

    and to those of you that say you could make a better usagi, just because you say you either act like her or can act like her means nothing, they’d be looking to make it legally differentiated from the original so that they wouldn’t get sued. there are various legal barriers that will always prevent them from making a replica.

  9. um i like sailor moon but i hate the live stuff plus um lindsay needs a wig that fits um also sailor moon is spossed to come back to cartoon net work june 2007.

  10. Sailor moon as Lindsay ? I don’t think that will fit the role as sailor moon. Maybe someone more younger. But i am with the idea of making the movie. Even if Lindsay will be staring in the movie I guess I will watch it.

  11. This is an on going issue. Every other year or so someone releases a ‘confirmed’ rumor about a live action Sailor Moon something of the other. I’m just saying I’ll believe it when I see it.

  12. i sereously hope that frigin’ bee-otch lindsay wont play the role of usagi!! if she did, i would jump of a clif, stab my self 10000000000000000000000000 tmes, and die!

  13. lindsay lohan is a ho and she would be a crappy sailor moon!!!sailor moon is so totally awesome and lindsay lohan would completely ruin sailor moon!if lindsay stars in dat movie i will break every single so-called movie!But if someone else who is actually pretty stars in it i will totally watch it!=)and i agree with bunny completely,LL just isn’t sailor moon it just would NOT work.oh ya ms.lindsay lohan rocks,ummmm LL is not hot or a good actress and hobo’s are not even jealous of that slut sooooo ya NO on ms.ll hoe

  14. lindsay lohan would be a crappy sailor moon!!!sailor moon is awesome and lindsay lohan would completely ruin sailor moon!if lindsay stars in dat movie i will break every single so-called movie!But if someone else who is actually pretty stars in it i will totally watch it!=)and i agree with bunny completely,LL just isn’t sailor moon it just would NOT work.oh ya ms.lindsay lohan rocks,ummmm LL is not hot or a good actress and hobo’s are not even jealous of that slut sooooo ya NO on ms.ll’s hoe

  15. wth! lindsay lohan cant bee sailor moon cuz shes lazy and eats a lot! im sure dat lindsay lohan can do it!

  16. hahahahhaha Mz.Lindsay lohan rocks do you live on this earth? or are you just a mindless dumb azz shes not hott!! or a good singer maybe a good actress yes but come on lindsay as sailor moon hahaha besides SERENA a beutiful name btw does not have freckeles or a fugly face xD besides we need someone pretty,cute and blonde with really long hair [or extensions]

  17. Jennifer Garner and Lindsay Lohan can not; and again; CAN NOT PLAY IN THIS MOVIE if it is being do. Reguardless if they are good actress or not. In casting a role to something that has already been done you have to get things right. Jennifer is to kind to play a villian and for Lindsay as Sailor Moon……………………….
    NO NO NO NO NO DEFINTLY NOT. As for redoning the show itself I dont think thats a problem. I always wanted them to turn it into a live action movie. But they do need to go with the japanese version not english (englinh audio though). As for PGSM love it seen every episode but it didnt follow the anime verison to the tee. If they are going to turn Sailor Moon into a movie they need to follow the japanese version
    perfetly or it wont be good. Anyway I will again say Lindsay as Sailor Moon HELL NO.

  18. okay wtf?! Ive been dying to see the live action version of Sailor Moon done by Americans but Lindsay Lohan playing a 14 old schoolgirl?! Okay whatever. I already know how its gonna go Its gonna be cool effects wise but horrible throughout the movie. Its like when Saban tried to make Sailor Moon live action ew.

  19. this is so fake… come on you can tell thats not lindsy o.O her face colour doesnt even match the rest of her body.. soooooo FAKE!! what did it with some computer uh? better luck next time 😉

  20. dear duh:
    we all know the picture is photoshopped, read the article first and then comment,
    I highly doubt that there will be a sailor moon live action in the u.s.,
    first because I don’t think sailor moon the anime was a success here, they’d probably do a live action in latin america first, just my opinions

  21. OMG :O:O I know this was from last year waaaaaaaay back but WTF NO WAY >;[
    If it did happen (which it wont because i would NEVER allow it XD plus its really old x.x)
    I’d personally kill whoever came up with that idea.
    ANYWAY. I think they should bring back sailor moon because ever since pokemon came on its stopped *sob* DAMN YOU POKEMON! 🙁

    Just not with L.L PLEASE

  22. Interesting enough, I just blogged about comments and moderation here at IT Toolbox. I was reading a comment and this post came up (based on topic) from more than a year ago.

  23. Lindsay Lohan’s not a terrible choice.. but she would be too old. My choice of cast for Sailor Moon would be:
    Teri Hatcher – Queen Beryl
    Emma Watson – Sailor Moon
    Anna Popplewell – Sailor Jupiter

    Dunno who else would fit.. but *if* they did a Sailor Moon movie, it’d have to be done right. I’d vote to do it with more of a fantasy-style theme than sci-fi.. (if that makes much sense).

  24. zomg…. the live action has been made we don’t need a USA version. some things need to be left alone. i’m sorry i hope they don’t make one here.

  25. OMG, lindsay can not be Sailor Moon. I honestly don’t think any american can do it as well as the actresses in the Japanese Live action series. infact, it looks as though you took the actress who played Sailor moon and edited the picture to make it look like lindsay. Anyway, i don’t think the rumors are true.

  26. has anyone seen Pretty guardian sailor moon? They do an excellent job making it seem realistic and the wigs look real, unlike the Sera Myu musicals in japan.

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