It’s my birthday!

I’m the big 2-1! In America, 21 is a really big deal: finally you can drink, go out to clubs, and unless you want to be a senator or president, gone are the days when you can’t do something because you’re not old enough. I made a picture of myself (because I’m that self-centered :D) behind the cut.

This is a collage of me through the years… and of course I had to add some commentary (starting on the top left to right):

  1. Here I am, mere minutes old and already perturbed with the earth. You would think that after 24 hours of labor the ‘rents would get the picture… I was not ready to be in this world. As evidenced by the clearly perturbed and irritated look on my face.
  2. My favorite picture of me as a toddler. I have a black sailor dress on, too.
  3. With my preschool at a farm. I am holding a baby duck in my hand, which may be why I look so concentrated. Or maybe I’m pooping.
  4. This is first or second grade. My poor hair. I’m wondering why I have such a silly haircut.
  5. Ah, the endearing overbite. I’m about 8 or 9 (in the 4th grade) here.
  6. Skip ahead to junior high! I have braces. That’s about all you need to know about junior high haha
  7. Freshman year! Ah, the beginning of the corruption!
  8. The summer before junior year at AX. I’m about 16 here.
  9. Acne hooray! I’m about 15 here (whoops not chronological!!!!)
  10. The day of my graduation from HS,I’m 18 here. Apparently there are no pictures in existence of my junior year in HS, also known as The Dark Year.
  11. I’m 19, in my first year of college and so disillusioned with the world!
  12. Last year, I’m 20 and LOVING LIFE yayyyy finally!
  13. This year! I’m still 20 but close enough to being 21 haha. I match my newborn picture… we both have double chins lol

Now I’m off to party… have a great weekend!

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