Growing up is weird.

My sister {Teresa} and I have never really been close because of the age difference between us, but I’ve always looked up to her and wanted to be like her. When she moved away to college it was really weird. It was almost 10 years ago now but I still remember wandering around the halls and in her room, remembering that time we played BS, when she used to babysit my brother and me and I would run away. When she moved back home last year to save up to buy a house with her now-husband, I was really excited. I thought that we would be able to spend time together and maybe get closer, since now we could relate more. Well, it turned out that we were both really bust and that never happened, and tomorrow she’s moving into her new house. I’m really happy for her, I know she’s been working really hard for it. But suddenly I feel twelve years old again, wandering the house, missing my sister and feeling lonely. Luckily her house is about a 15-minute drive away and we can still see her often, not like when she went to college in northern California. Next December she’s getting married, too (a formal celebration, her current marriage is for legal purposes only… it’s a long story).

I know we had to grow up sometime, but it feels like I’m not ready for it.

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