Mike still healthy!

Mike had a checkup yesterday at City of Hope — still cancer-free! :star: Even though he’s been healthy for so long, there’s still that fear at the back of my mind that this time, the bloodwork will be unusual, this time there will be something suspicious on the MRI. I’ve calmed down more through the years about it, or maybe I’m just taking Mike more and more for granted. All I can to is keep praying to God to keep Mike healthy so he can stay with me. :angel:

2 thoughts on “Mike still healthy!

  1. Yay! What a relief. That kind of stress must really do your head in with worry.. losing someone you love I think is the hardest thing in the world to go through. Praise God he is still healthy!

  2. thanks 🙂 it used to really stress me out, but now I try to have a little more faith and trust in God that everything will turn out for the best.

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