More Valentine’s Crap.

Haha that’s romantic. Well on Valentine’s Mike and I couldn’t really do anything because of our conflicting schedules 🙁 So last Thursday I met Mike after work at the beach because that Ritz Carlton is RIGHT next to Salt Creek Beach in Laguna Niguel. I wanted to watch the sunset, but I the weather hasn’t been great lately, so I wasn’t expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised!

Sunsettt yay!

(Pictures behind the cut)

You can barely see it in this picture but on the horizon is Catalina Island.

View from the bridge next to the hotel.

haha if you watch that lame Laguna Beach show on MTV (like me) then you might recognize this… it’s the bluff they always show at the beginning with the waves crashing on it all dramatically.

Ugh obligatory ugly photos of myself. My face is all red and windblown and covered in sexay blemishes.

I have much hate for my profile. 🙁

More blemishes ugly hair ok I’ll just stop now lol.

Feet! Hint: mine aren’t the hairy ones.

Hands! Hint: mine is the fat one. And that’s the ring Mike gave me for my 18th birthday. Aw I can’t believe I’m almost 21! This is madness!

These are the gorgeous stargazer lilies Mike got for me in leiu of roses. Love :loveeye:


After Mike could stand the cold of the beach no longer we went into the Ritz Carlton and Mike showed me all the kitchens and “behind the scenes,” i.e. the kitchens and service places. It was really cool, people could totally tell I was a visitor hehe. Afterwards we went into the gift shop, and then we headed home for some eats and cuddlin’. :madeup:

I was thinking of making one of those photos into a layout. 😮 Which one do you think?

4 thoughts on “More Valentine’s Crap.

  1. I think the second photo would make a great layout image.

    And that one of the bluff does totally look like the shot from Laguna Beach! Haha wow. That’s pretty awesome.

    The lillies are just beautiful.. I bet they have a wonderful scent. Mmm..

    OK I’m hungry now. Time for lunch. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time, you both look so in love.

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