All moved in!

Over the weekend Mike FINALLY moved into his new apartment! :loveeye: He shares it with 2 other people, a husband and wife. He has his own room and bathroom and they have their own room and bathroom. The rooms are separated by a living room, dining room and kitchen, so pretty much he only sees them when he wants to cook something, which is nice. It’s also ten minutes closer to my house, which is SO nice. It only takes me 20 minutes to get there now instead of 30. 🙂 We’ve spent the last 3 days unpacking all of his clothes and things, putting together his sound system, computer, desk and putting up ugly wallscrolls. So far Mike is pretty much ecstatic living on his own and I’m happy for him. It’s so nice to just be by ourselves now, I love it! :loveeye:

2 thoughts on “All moved in!

  1. A wallscroll is like a poster but it’s made more out of this silky-ish material and usually has anime of some sort on it. You can roll it up and it kind of looks like a scroll.

    And yay for living alone. Welcome to being in college. 🙂

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