We went to San Diego

Monday night Mike and I thought it would be a grand idea to visit a city we’ve never been to before. With that we made our plans and off we went! We have photo evidence too. Click to see more~! (Warning: Image heavy). You could also visit my Flickr to see them if you want. But here is way better. Way. Better.

Aerial view of the city.

Mike and I were really impressed with this bridge hehe. I want to go on it :d It goes to Coronado Island (foreground) and there’s a very nice hotel there.

We got very lost in San Diego. We didn’t exactly have what you would call… directions to the place. Surely we would be able to see a place so big from the freeway! But no. We ran into horrid, truly horrid traffic while lost. It resembled driving in Europe and I am not exaggerating. Suddenly the emergency lane became a usable lane and trucks had the right of way because they were meaner and bigger than us. But I digress.

We were trying to get to Balboa Park and once we finally got there, we visited a cute little Japanese garden. While it didn’t come close to rivalling the splendor of the one at the Huntington, its koi fish were bigger!!

The big Daddy of them all.

The family.

Mike thought we should try to pet the fishies, so here he is petting the big Daddy.

The fish hated me and wouldn’t let me touch them. WHATEVA.

Fish I love you! But I don’t want to be bitten!

Apparently I really like koi.

Cute little waterfall to the pool the fishies are in.

Mike in front of the friendship light or something. Apparently San Diego and Yokohama are sister cities, so it’s a gift from Yokohama. I’d rather have some San-X stuff, thanks.

See that building with the steeple and the dome? Yeah we didn’t go in there. It probably cost money. It doesn’t cost money to get into the park, but to get into each of the little museums. Clever move, clever. Some of them are free though.

Like this one! It’s free the first Tuesday of every month. It was under some real construction though, so it was kind of a bum deal. By the way, that tree? Gigantic. Observe:

I am cold and soon I will be eaten by a big tree. Look! There is even a fence to hold it back!

Next we went to the Botanical Building. Postcard of the pool in front of the Botanical Building. The architecture there is Spanish Colonial, very ornate and detailed.

I am in front of a waterfall. Pretty.

Mike under the big main dome. The place is huge. See?:

There’s the pool and me.

After Balboa Park we went to the Gaslamp Quarter in Downtown San Diego and struggled to find cheap parking. Finally we found it but didn’t realize where we had parked until we got out:

In front of a porn shop. Sweet. I wanted to go in, but Mike said no. ๐Ÿ™ We walked around, visited some shops, ate at a place called Sammy’s Woodfired Pizzas or something like that and went home. It was an okay day, but I think I like Los Angeles better than San Diego. ๐Ÿ˜‰ One thing that really surprised me about San Diego was the number of homeless we saw. There were homeless people everywhere, way more than I’ve ever seen in LA. But LA does have it’s share of homeless, they’re just better concealed I suppose. All in all it was a fun and relaxing day. ๐Ÿ™‚

3 thoughts on “We went to San Diego

  1. “Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขd rather have some San-X stuff, thanks.” – ROFL!

    Great pics. Why do the girls always want to go in the porn shops and the guys always refuse? I think the guys secretly want to, but won’t admit it ๐Ÿ˜‰ hehe

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