King Kong.

The week before Christmas Mike and I met {Maz}’s girlfriend, Amber, for the first time when we went on a double date to Island’s and the movies to see King Kong. She’s very sweet and pretty, I love her already.

Mostly I love the change I’ve seen in Maz since they’ve been together. Ever since I’ve known Maz, about 3 1/2 years now, he hasn’t really had a serious girlfriend. He’ll go on dates every once in a while, but those never panned out. Now that he’s dating Amber, he seems so much happier. I’ve really never seen him so happy and I’m really glad for him. It’s so nice to see that such an awesome guy like Maz, whom Mike and I care about and love so much, is so deliriously happy.

Jorge joined us for the movie once he got off work. The movie itself was too scary for me, haha. I had my head hidden in Mike’s chest much of the time, what with all the dinosaurs and scary insects and cannibals and such. It certainly did not end too soon.

It was a really fun night 🙂

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