Vanessa’s Present.

One day when I was visiting Vanessa up at LMU she was telling me how her room is really plain. So I thought for Christmas I would try to get her something to jazz up her room. But was still thrifty as I am a poor student hehe. Finally I came up with a solution: a memoboard! It’s like a fancy bulletin board with ribbons and buttons and shit on it. So I bought some adorable Dora the Explorer fabric (she has a Dora pillowcase) and go to town! This is what I came up with:

It has red ribbons with purple star buttons at the intersections.

Hope she likes it. 😳 She’s not quite as obsessed with cute things and pink as I am, but I tried to make it as tame as possible hehe.

She got me this really cute cami and sweater from American Eagle:

And Maz got me Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life. My boss gave me a $50 American Express gift card. :nosey: I was really surprised. Right now I’m going to Mike’s to open presents with his family. I’m so excited!! :cheerful:

2 thoughts on “Vanessa’s Present.

  1. That memoboard is fantastic! What a great idea. You’re such a good friend for going out of your way to do that. Love the cami and sweater, too!

    Post what Mike got you. 😀

  2. I’m glad you liked your present, it fits well, right? And I love mine! I’m wearing the toe socks right now, haha. And maybe I’ll just have a Dora-themed room. 🙂

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