My life is a never-ending abyss of despair.

And I’ll tell you why.

I was driving home last night from Mike’s house, when all of a sudden I see a huge wood pile in the middle of the freeway. I couldn’t tell what it was (looking back on it I think it must have been a wooden crate or something) and I had seconds to evaluate my options. I knew that there were cars all around me going speeds in excess of 70 mph, and if I tried to avoid the wood I could (and probably would) hit one of the other motorists and cause a collision. If I went over the wood, the car could spin out of control but most likely I would go over it and incur some damage on my car (as I learned in the wire incident, some of you might know what I mean. I’ll be damned if I can find that blog entry though). So, I went over it.

It was the scariest thing ever, I wasn’t sure if my tire would go flat, mainly that’s what I was worried about. I saw a bunch of people on the side of the road assessing the damage to their cars, but I don’t know anything about cars so I just decided to keep on going until home and let my dad look at it.

After about five minutes I called Mike and told him what happened. For whatever reason I was already blaming it on him (because I am a stupid selfish bitch that pretty much uses Mike as a scapegoat for whatever is going on in my life). and him just saying “Sorry that happened” wasn’t sympathetic enough in my twisted mind, so I hung up on him and refused to pick up his calls for the next 15 minutes or so.

Once I got home I noticed my thermostat was all the way on Hot. I asked my dad to please come outside in the drizzling, dark wet and please look at my car in order to assess its health, mainly for driving to school the next day. We were able to tell that Hi, my front bumper is now all screwed up (look y’all, it just wanted to match the tragedy that is the back bumper, which I have still not fixed, save the tailight) and something smells like burning, and I should probably not drive it the next day.

So my Dad goes upstairs and tells my story to my mom, leading up to me needing her car the next day, since she doesn’t have anything important to do, like go to work or class. But of course I had to need her car on a Tuesday, and she has Girl Scouts on Tuesday nights, so I can’t use her car! It’s out of the question! THANKS FOR THE SYMPATHY, MOM. Then she started bitching to my dad about how stupid I was, but my daddy put a stop to that right there, reminding her that she should be grateful that I am alive at all. Many people would have panicked and swerved into other vehicles. I could have potentially been seriously hurt, but I wasn’t. She hadn’t thought of that of course, and was a little embarrassed once he put it that way.

So now, the only person I can turn to is… you guessed it, Mike. My little scapegoat. The one who thinks I hate him right about now. I couldn’t ask my brother because his car is a stickshift, not to mention he has school and work. My sister also has work. But of course Mike didn’t even think twice about letting me borrow his car the next day, his mom could drive him to work and I could pick him up. I hated myself a lot right about then, but after apologizing profusely he forgave me.

The next day (today) Dad drove me out to Mike’s house at 6:45. I picked up the car after thanking Mike again and took off for school while my Dad went home to take my car to the shop. He told me later that he attempted to drive it to the shop but it overheated after a mile so he had to have it towed.

Apparently, I did some bad stuff to my car (something about my air conditioning coolant thing and a hose and something about my radiator) all of it adding up to over $1000 damage. Lucky for me, I am insured with a $250 deductible, so we only have to pay $250 of the damage (props to State Farm Insurance, y0). The unfortunate part is that doesn’t cover body damage. Hopefully that won’t be too much to fix. It’s still attached to the car though, so even though it looks like crapola, I’m not too concerned about repairing it. I love my daddy. :loveeye: He was so supportive and reassured me that I did exactly the right thing in going over the wood, and sometimes these things happen but everything will be okay. He will pay for the deductible and if I happen to have any extra money I can pay him back, but otherwise not to worry about it.

At around 3:30 I left to pick up Mike at work, but I got there early so I chilled at the Starbucks nearby and worked on my schedule for next semester. Vomit.

So right now I still don’t know whose car I’m using to get to school and work tomorrow, and I don’t know when I will get my car back. My insurance covers rental cars, but I don’t really want to go to all the trouble of getting a rental car if my car will only be out of use for a couple more days.

Pray for me that I get through this whole ordeal. :depressed: I know things could have turned out a lot worse and some people don’t even have the luxury of owning a car to get wrecked. But I don’t want to put any more of a financial strain on my family than I already have. I need this car. And it’s been so reliable :depressed: I promise, Baby Black, as soon as I earn some more cash, I will buy you a couple of new bumpers. Maybe I’ll even fix the scratches on the driver’s side. JUST DON’T DIE ON ME.

4 thoughts on “My life is a never-ending abyss of despair.

  1. Aww I hate it when bad things happen to cars. It’s pretty much the worst. I hope everything works out! At least you’re not on your third car like I am because of car malfunctions, haha.

  2. Man, that sucks! What the heck was a pile of wood doing in the middle of the highway anyway? 😛 You incident reminds me of something that happened to my mom’s truck once… ran over a tire, the entire thing. Luckily nothing happened to the truck, but the stereo hasn’t exactly played right since then… 😛

    I hope you get your car fixed soon!

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