Daily Grind on Sunday, October 2

If you’re clueless as to what a daily grind is, refer here. It is “a photolog project that allows you to share your daily life via photos with others!” Also look there for other Daily Grind participants. :madeup:

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Well, this Sunday started out with me being able to sleep in. YAY!!
On weekdays I usually wake up at 5:30, but Sunday I was able to sleep in until almost 9. Hooray! :star:

It’s almost 11:00AM, guess I better do some studying…

Studying makes me so hungry! I made my own spaghetti sauce for lunch, but it tasted really bad 😛 I’ll leave the chef-ing up to Mike in the future, recipies for me!

1:30… still a while until I get to see Mike. :tongue: What should I do?

Hehe, maybe I’ll do some laundry… it looks like I have a hefty load…

beautiful day
Look at what a beautiful day it is out there!! I love it here. :loveeye:

time to fold
I got a load of laundry done! Time to fold.

Just folding laundry is so boring, maybe I’ll watch a movie while I do it. I’ll check what’s on TV first…

Ooh! America’s Next Top Model Marathon! I’ll watch 😀 You tell them Tyra!

mercedes and april
Mercedes (left) and April (right) are on the chopping block. Doesn’t April look petrified?

april sucks
Well she should, she just got cut by Tyra! Bye, April! Your ass is grass!

mike's house we go
5:30 yay! Finally time to go to Mike’s house. His mom got a new puppy on Friday and I haven’t seen it yet, I’m really excited.

too sexy
I’m too sexy to watch the road while I drive…

Look we’re almost there! And we pass the historic Pacific Coast Highway on the way. But if you want to sound like you’re from the OC, we call it “PCH” or “The 1.”

Ooh we’re so special, we’re going in the back gate to Mike’s pad!

almost 6:00
It’s almost 6PM and we finally made it to Mike’s!

HERE IS THE NEW PUPPY HE IS SO CUTE. He is a mini-pinscher, he weighs 1 pound. Very small, the size of my hand. No name yet. We keep bouncing between his registered name (Phoenix Surprise? Sounds gay to me) and “Chico.”

He’s going straight for the crotch. He knows what’s up.

mike is a stepford wife
Mike is a Stepford Wife. No not really, but we decided to watch this movie that evening.

Wah it’s time to go home already, poo. 🙁 But I have to wake up early tomorrow blahh.

It’s 10:15, I made it home, washed my face and brushed my teeth. Time for sleep.

Goodnight, Tarepanda!

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