Thursday is over.

Thursday is usually a long day for me because I have all five of my classes. Today my Lit of the Vietnam War class, which is actually turning out to be pretty good, was cancelled so I had a free hour and a half.

Right now the class that owns my soul is English 305. It’s pretty much an analysis of grammar and I do not understand it. English grammar is screwed up anyway and trying to understand it is like looking for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie (Thanks Clueless). Basically the professors that teach it have been trying to get the University to make English 303 a pre-requisite to 305, but they won’t do it for some unexplainable reason. All the professors that teach 305 operate on this principle anyway without informing the students and those who are unfortunate enough to sign up for 305 without having taken 303 first are screwed. And guess who falls into that category? You got it. Little old Invisible Girl.

So basically I’ve been studying like a mad woman for this class and I am somewhat beginning to see the light. Hopefully by the time Tuesday rolls around I’ll have Independent and Dependent clauses down along with those pesky structure trees.

And since I’m a huge English nerd I’ll show you the things I need to know for the test:

      Morphology. Here is an example of something I have to do:
      GEESE= noun: “goose” (free base) + “plural” (bound inflectional)
      Be able to identify verb type and complement. For example:
      The inkeeper dubbed him Don Quixote. dubbed = transitive verb. him = direct object. Don Quixote = nominal object complement.
      Identify voice and change them from active to passive. Such as:
      The sushi will be eaten by the very hungry cat. Voice = passive. Active version = The very hungry cat will eat the sushi.
      Conjugate verbs.
      Pronoun Declension. If you don’t know what this is, you’re not the only one.
      Identify Noun Phrases and Prepositional Phrases. Oh Lord.
      Draw Phrase Structure Trees.
      Clauses, clauses and more clauses. Did I mention clauses? Because clauses.

Now is where I cry. OVERLOAD YAY!

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