Asian Dramas.

Lately I found an Asian Drama torrents site through {Dodo’s Tabs} called They torrent Japanese, Korean, Chinese and even Hong Kong dramas, many with subtitles. It reminded me of my freshman and sophomore years in high school when I discovered an Asian cable TV channel (KSCI) that showed subtitled Japanese dramas. I was enthralled. I watched a bunch of them including “Mukashi no Otoko” (my personal favorite), “Oyaji” and “Saimin”.

So I decided to download the Korean Drama of the Month, “Thousand Years of Love” and I quickly became quite addicted to it. It’s very melodramatic (the girl cries in EVERY episode) but I thought it was VERY touching and moving. I really reccomend it. Here is the series synopsis from D-A:

More than a thousand years ago from the present time, Sung Yuri is a Baek Jae Empire princess. Unlike other princesses, she is active and skilled in the arts and in sports. When the Baek Jae Empire crumbles due to a spy (Kim Sarang), she runs away with So Ji Sup (her bodyguard), and falls in love with him in the meanwhile. The new conquerer (Kim Nam Jin) is also in love with Sung Yuri, but only receives hate in return. In a desperate attempt to win her back, Kim kills So, but Sung runs away and jumps off a cliff to kill herself. While falling, she travels more than one thousand years into the future, which is our present time of 2003. Only she remains to be who she was, and she encounters So Ji Sup to be an aimless fashion designer with a warm heart and bad temper. Although he is annoyed at Sung’s ignorance of the present world, he comes to fall in love with her again. Kim Nam Jin is the son of the Fujiwara dynasty, and once again is mysteriously attracted to Sung. Only Sung knows the past that holds all three of them together, but will things become an exact replica of the situation back then?

I haven’t decided which drama to watch next. Maybe a comedy. 🙂

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  1. Oh, good. You’re familiar with torrents. 😀

    I found Sailor V on ! It’s about 90MBs, and it took forevver because there were only a couple of seeds.

  2. Hiya. I was googling something and I just happen to come across your blog. I’m not usually into this kind of thing but I saw your post about d-addicts and I just wanted to recommend you some nice Asian dramas.

    For Korean dramas, you should try catching Damo & My Girl
    Japanese: Kimi wa Petto & Gokusen
    Chinese: Heavenly Sword & Dragon Sabre 2003, You are the One & Devil Beside You.

    Just to name a few ;} if you havent already seen them.

  3. Hi, Erin;

    I fell in love with Meteor Garden. There is a manga about it, called Boys before flowers, one of the best shojo stories I’ve read. I recommend, first, reading it If you haven’t, and then, watching the anime and also the drama serie -is in the asian drama page you talked about-. Enjoy.

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