Delay. :(

I recently ordered Sailor V manga volumes 1 and 2. I thought they were a steal at $7.30 each. Then a couple days ago I got this email:

Thank you very much for your order. We do not have the books in stock right now, but we will get them for you from Japan and send them out to you as soon as they arrive. It should be about 3-4 weeks. (Sometimes the books are out of stock at the publisher and it takes longer than this.) We will notify you by email when the books arrive and are ready to go out.

🙁 that upset me. Why do they list the item on their site if they don’t have it? At least they are willing to get it for me at no extra charge. For now I’m trying to forget the pain of not getting it for at least a month, but it’s not going well. 🙁 As soon as I get them I plan on scanning all the pages. x) It’s so hard to find Sailor V images on the internet, seriously.

The Sailor Moon manga reprints are even cheaper at $6.90, I’m thinking about buying those, too. 😮

One thought on “Delay. :(

  1. Have you tried eBay or I’ve never ordered from Sausaga because they require a minimum of $25 USD + to ship to Canada… *boo*. Plus they refuse to mark item as a “gift” which means I’m likely to get charge for custom tax…

    I adore hlj because their s&h fee for sal is really good and reliable. They shipped my Pullips and Gundam models (for my brother) excellent with a box.

    My friend orders from and told me it’s also great too. But they do not accept Paypal v_v and since I don’t have a credit card, I have experience with them.

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