Obligatory HBP post

(Not any real or huge spoilers here, but minor. Might want to skip if you haven’t read the 6th HP).

I can’t believe I’m geeking out over Harry Potter! I’m such an HP whore now, I can’t believe it. It’s been about 3 weeks or so since Mike bought me the Harry Potter Boxset and not only have I finished off all five of those, on Saturday I also finished HBP. After all this, I have to say that the 4th HP (Goblet of Fire) is my favorite. It’s just so action packed and awesome! For the first time in HP, I felt like the beginning of HBP was moving too slowly for me. The whole deal with the Prime Minister? Not that important, in my opinion. Could be cut out. And the whole deal with Draco was just annoying. I almost shed a tear at the end, but it kind of reminded me of Star Wars.

I’m excited for the Goblet of Fire movie in November, I really think this one will be the best one yet. I’m a bit disappointed about their choice of actress to play Fleur. She’s totally not pretty enough for guys to fall all over themselves for. Yes, she’s pretty I suppose, but not the stunning beauty I envisioned from Rowling’s description. And she also doesn’t seem old enough to be engaged to Bill Weasley in only 2 years’ time! She looks like she’s 15. Hi, Bill must be a pedophile.

I wonder when the next HP book will be released 🙁 In this article, Rowling says that she will spend the remainder of 2005 with her new baby and start seriously (although she has already done some work) on the 7th and final book next year. Wahh. 🙁

Ahh I can’t believe I am actually a part of this HP phenomena. ^^;

3 thoughts on “Obligatory HBP post

  1. Yes HP is sweaping the nation haha. They are quite good. I personally love the fourth on the most. Though I haven’t finished the 6th, its ok i guess. I agree its kind-of slow.. I hope the fourth movie isn’t as rushed as the third was :S

  2. I cant believe people are not part of the phenomena! hehe 😀 I like the 4th part a lot too. A lot of good writing, especially towards the end. 😀 I just pot “The Plot Thickens” today, cant wait to start it. 😀

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