Money, it’s a gas.

So on Saturday morning my dear, dear daddy consented to take my car to the ol’ Firestone garage to get my oil changed since I’m maybe, uh, possibly a few thousand miles overdue. When I woke up, he called to let me know that maybe my lovely Baby Black needs some more work. Like, new brakes for example. Or new air filter. And while we HAD the car there, we might as well do the 30,000 mile tune up! Since it’s at 33,ooo miles now and the transmission fluid? Darker than it should be. Wow, Dad was so surprised that I didn’t notice anything wrong when driving my car. So, new computer will have to wait, honey. Baby Black needs you to take care of it.

So $157 worth of parts and $300 worth of labor, Baby Black is good as new, bringing the grand total to $472.72. :depressed: Meaning I have to push back my purchase of a new computer, that I desperately need, until July or August, since the price of repairs is more than half of what I was planning to spend on the new computer. Oh, the joys of auto ownership.

So now I’m flat broke. Again. Good thing I’m used to it…!

Thanks Pink Floyd for the lyrics from “Money.”

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