Booze! Part 2

Aw, I feel like I will get a pat on the head from my older friends and readers, but in reference to the Friday fun times I posted about having, YES! I did go up to LA. I went to school in the morning, somewhat visited with Mike afterwards (he slept most of the time) and then started the long drive to LMU. I was surprised at how little traffic there was for a Friday afternoon, but I think it was still too early for people to be leaving work early and heading off for the weekend. It was smooth sailing until… LAX.

Usually I expect the ride to be rough at LAX, but this time it was different. I found out that the first LAX police officer in the history of LAX operation died right as I was getting to LAX. Needless to say, traffic was pretty bad, and also the police shut down Sepulveda between Manchester and Lincoln, but I needed to go that way. 😥 So I ended up taking a nice detour through Westchester. Once I got to LMU, Vanessa was working at her history department’s year end thing, so I helped her out with that. Then we went back to her dorm where I was almost assaulted by her roommate’s… equipment, but luckily we didn’t have to be there long. We were off to Romina’s! We picked up Vanessa’s awesome friend Sarah first, though.

We got to Romina and Kat’s at around 8 and after sitting around a while decided to go to In N Out for some grub. We met Kelyn and her boyfriend Drew (who has AWESOME fangs) there, but they sadly decided not to go back to Romina’s and drink. Once we got back to Romina’s we let the booze flow! Vanessa didn’t want to drink too much since we had to drive back to LMU, but nothing was stopping me :angel: In total, I had about 3 Smirnoff Ices (ps do you know that if you fill in a year that makes you not 21 on their site, they won’t let you view it? STEWPID.), a shot of rum, a shot of… something Blue? Vanessa what was it called?, a shot of Peach Shnapps (Yum :D), Some appletini (ew :P) and two Kahlua Mudslides. I think I was drunk, I’m not sure, haha. I remember everything that happened (including me having to go pee about 50 bajillion times) and the part where I fell into the door. My head felt really heavy and I talked a lot, and I slurred my words a little bit on accident. But I don’t think I said anything that I wouldn’t normally say. We watched Saved! and I proposed we do a shot for everytime someone says Jesus, but I think we forgot about it, haha. That would be a fun drinking game, though.

I didn’t have a hangover on Saturday, maybe because I drank about a bottle of water after I finished drinking the night before (and I peed PROFUSELY). I drove home, used the potty, talked to my dad, and went on the field trip. The only bad part about it was it was F-ING HOT, but other than that it wasn’t too bad. We were only there for about an hour and a half. After that I went home and crashed, having only slept 4 hours the night before. Vanessa and I always end up talking half the night after we go to bed, hehe. Bad habit. :tongue:

Great end to a semester and a great sendoff for Vanessa, since she’s going to CO in less than 2 weeks for the whole summer. 🙁 What shall I ever do without her?

All in all, it was an awesome weekend and I’m so glad I went. 😀 I’m SO looking forward to Mike’s 21st birthday party… 😎

5 thoughts on “Booze! Part 2

  1. Yayy. 🙂 And it was a Blue Hawiaan. And you only had two Smirnoff Twisteds my good sir, unless you had one of Romina’s Black Cherries. Because I only had three and I drank one of them. 😛 Don’t forget your shot of rum that you had.

    I’m glad you came up, it was muy fun. 😀 But now I have to study hard.. still study hard, that is. 🙁 It sucks so much, I’m going to die. We’ll hang next weekend. ;D We should have done this a long time ago, woo hoo! But wait, I didn’t have friends, hehe. Anyways, I’ll see you later! I love you!

  2. Yayyy I can’t even count how many drinks I had! And I didn’t forget about the rum. it was not an experience I would like to repeat however. Yayyy that wine was good, too. Maybe I won’t save my Dom Perignon for a special occasion… haha xD

  3. When we were at your work and I tasted the wine that guy poured into a cup, the wine that was left over from the reception. 🙂

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