I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that have given me words of encouragement and sympathy. I’m really sorry for posting such a depressing post ( 😳 ) but I needed to work it out. So thanks for all the support, it’s been really uplifting. 🙂

Tonight I spent the night trying to wind down, although that’s probably a lie. All week I’ve been really lazy about school work and not wanting to get any of it done. So I spent a good 6 hours reading about The Swannell Family’s year-long trip around the world. I really reccomend that everyone at least begin reading this site, the parts about Turkey and India were really moving. It was also interesting to hear what a foreigner has to say about my country. I have to say though, the guy is OBSESSED with air quality. A lot of times it is smoggy in southern California, but also when near the beach in California, a lot of it is marine layer (fog, not smog. Fog is ground-level clouds, that’s all) that just doesn’t get burned away by the sun. At one point he remarks that the air quality has gotten worse in LA from when he visited in the 80s, and that’s just not true. It’s gotten MANY times better… just ask {Vanessa}. She lived in LA in the 80s and remembers many days when people were discouraged from leaving their homes because smog was so bad. LA hasn’t had a “smog day” since the 80s, I don’t think, because air quality is much improved. Besides, plenty of people live in LA all their lives and don’t die because of smog, although I’m sure it doesn’t help anything. 😀 Anyway, sorry for the tangent. :cheerful:

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  1. L.A. smog definitely used to be a lot worse than it is now. I was surprised to learn, on my last couple of trips to L.A., that I was able to wear my contact lenses. During my first trip there, back in 1987, I had to wear my glasses, because the smog really hurt my eyes. 🙂

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