New Pope, etc.

There’s a new pope!

New pope good for church’s continued course, bishop says

Michael Clancy
The Arizona Republic
Apr. 19, 2005 12:05 PM

Pope Benedict XVI will bring continuity to the worldwide Catholic Church, following in the footsteps of Pope John Paul II.

The new pope, the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, served the late pope since 1981 as prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican office that maintains church orthodoxy.

“No one worked as closely for as long with Pope John Paul II as Cardinal Ratzinger,” Phoenix Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted said in a brief press conference Tuesday morning. “The cardinals considered that in electing him.”

Olmsted said that above all, continuity will be the key word for Pope Benedict XVI. But his personality differs from his predecessor, Olmsted said, and he comes to office under different circumstances.

Because of his age, 78, the new pope is unlikely to travel as much as John Paul II, but one trip he will make will be to World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany, in August.

“I can’t imagine what that will be like,” Olmsted said. “It will be the return of their favorite son. That will be a very exciting moment.”

The pope has been known as the watchdog of church doctrine, called by some the “Panzer-cardinal,” referring to his German roots and his strict adherence to doctrine.

Olmsted said he is not concerned about the pope’s conservatism.

“He will present church teaching in a way that is understandable,” Olmsted said, indicating that like his predecessor, Benedict XVI is intelligent, multilingual and familiar with a variety of cultures.

“I’m very thrilled,” Olmsted said. “I am very grateful for his choice. I think he is a very good choice.”

I’m a little disappointed it wasn’t Cardinal Arinze, who is Nigerian, or the other South American guy. Most of the Catholic Church’s members are in Third World countries, this would have been a goopd way to reach out to them… Oh well. I’m sure this guy will do a great job as well.

I heard on some news program that the name the Pope chooses reflects what kind of Pope he plans on being, based on the work the other did. I looked up Benedict XV and he was the Pope during WWI. All the news stories are saying that he’s going to continue John Paul II’s legacy. Hope that doesn’t mean ignoring all the child molestor priests in America. 👿

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  1. We wanted a “black” pope too (after our own ;-)). We were so disappointed. The people in South America semmed really down too, they at least hope that the new pope will allow them to use condoms, not because of the babies *smile* but because of Aids! I doubt it.

  2. I heard that JPII would be considered liberal in comparison to this guy. 🙁 Bad news for progressive Catholics, but I wasn’t expecting anything different. I also heard that Germany hates this guy, so what could happen is further alienation of Western Europe. At least this is what I’ve heard, I don’t know enough about him to confirm. 🙂

    Also, he supposedly excommunicated someone in Boston for heresy. The Church still does that? Supposedly it’s called “silencing” or something.

    Anyways yeah! Byeee.

  3. I heard this guy is really conservative, too. My Dad said that he’s a Nazi (lol, well he was in the Hitler Youth :d) Ehh. Hopefully he won’t be Pope for too long since he’s old 😀

  4. Thankfully, this has no effect other than symbolism for the à la carte American Catholics.

    Sucks to be Catholic and live in the third world, but what else is new?

  5. I am really sorry Erin, but that is a stereotype. Boys or everyone really didnt have much choice back then. Either follow the rules or die. He is definitly not a Nazi.

    A friend of mine told me that she is not allowed to go to Austria because her parents say that we are all Nazis. Duh, so wrong.

  6. I know, I totally agree with you. I told my dad that practically everyone was in it, and it wasn’t like they had a choice, and he says “That’s just what they want you to think.” u.u Sure, okay Dad, lol. Amazing how 60 years later people who had nothing to do with the war or Nazis are still being punished for it, isn’t it?

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