An extremely busy weekend, and now I’m extremely exhausted!

No intro, just going to go straight into it. 🙂

Thursday night when my brother ({Chris}) got home, he said, “Look! I got doggy!” Well, he ALWAYS says that to our dog Lizzy, so I ignored him. But then he said, “No look, really. I got a doggy.” And I looked over, and what did I see, but this:

Jenny's puppy

If that isn’t cute, I don’t know what is!! So of course I began to fawn over the 8 week old Maltese that didn’t even have a name yet. My brother’s friend Jenny was going on a vacation with her family to Las Vegas, so she asked my brother to watch the dog for her. He pooped in his cage on the way over, so I gave him a bath and then I cuddled him, took a lot of pictures and loved him lots. He had no scruples about peeing whenever he got the notion, wherever he happened to be standing. Precious!! I spent the rest of the night studying and playing with the Doggie.

Friday I had a Bio test (that I ended up getting a 68% on. 😥 ) and then I went to Mike’s to spend some time together before he had to work. I went home and my {Mom} asked me to take {Amber} shopping for her birthday (which was in December, lol) and mine. I got some cute clothes. Afterwards I went home and worked on my mounds of homework, and I actually got most of it done.

The next morning I went to Mike’s house and I brought the puppy with me. Of course he peed (only on the tile! Yay!) and Viv absolutely adored him. Later we went to the Honda dealership down the way to fix my broken tailight. We brought the doggie with us, and while we were there he barfed on my foot, poor thing, so we decided to hurry up and leave. An hour and $130 later (Thanks Dave and Viv 😳 ) I headed back to Mike’s and Mike’s parents went to the swap meet. The doggie barfed again (this time on my shirt) at Mike’s house, and I began to worry about him. Did he accidentally eat something while I wasn’t looking? Was he carsick? He was pretty listless the rest of the day, so he just rested with Chris while I worked on homework. I brought him in my room to look after him while Chris slept, and he barfed twice more in succession. I was starting to wonder if we should take him to the hospital, but it was already late so my mom said we would take him the next day. Vanessa called and invited me to chill at Disneyland and Downtown Disney with her, so that got my mind off of my homework (and the pup) for a while. I ended up not getting home until 2 AM, and I was exhausted.

The next day I went to Mike’s and we rested and cuddled until it was time to go to UCLA to see Greg and Kristin perform in a play called “A Bold Stroke for a Husband.” I worried about the doggie all day, I felt so bad that he was sick because I was the one taking care of him when he first started to get ill, and mostly because we were taking care of him for someone else. We finally got ready and left for UCLA around 5, and while we were driving my mom called to let me know that they took the dog to the hospital and it wasn’t looking good for him. The girl now revealed that she bought the puppy from a puppy farm in Iowa, and the vet said that he was most likely ill because of the bad conditions he suffered there, and also inbreeding. I still don’t know exactly what was wrong with him, but his electrolytes were extremely low, they’re supposed to be above 100 and he was at 25. It wasn’t likely that he would live through the night. I prayed for him a lot that night. I tried to put my worry for him aside though, because tonight was going to be a joyous occasion and I wanted to be happy for Greg and Kristin. We finally got to Westwood
(after Mike suffered some carsickness) and we set Greg’s apartment up for the party. Then off to the play, and a lot of Greg and Kristin’s friends and family were there. The play was really excellent! I really enjoyed it, and Kristin really did an awesome job. (You too Greg, but come on… Kristin was amazing!) Afterwards was the proposal… read the lady of the hour’s version. We got home around 2 AM. :faint:

Monday I skipped my first three classes 😀 I slept in because I was exhausted. However, I got some horrible news before I went to school. The doggie did not make it through the night, and he died the night before. Mike had an appointment with Dr. Sato that day, and GREAT news… Mike is still cancer free! After school and Mike’s appointment we met up at the Irvine Spectrum for some lunch. While I was waiting for Mike to get there the fact that the cute little pup was actually dead had time to sink in, and I got really upset. It could have been the lack of sleep incurred over the past couple days, it could have been the fact that I was extremely sensitive because of my period, but I could not stop crying for at least 30-45 minutes over a dog that I had only known for three days. We finally got through lunch and went back to Mike’s, promptly falling asleep for three hours. I went home at 10 and my mom and Amber were fighting. So I tried to comfort my mom and Amber, and my mom also told me that Lizzy (our dog) had started barfing and my brother took her to the vet. We still don’t know what’s wrong with her, but the vet gave us some pills to give her and she seems to be doing well. I hope she’s okay, I can’t take two doggies dying in one week. 😥

That was my weekend, full of love and death. Please get educated about puppy mills! Don’t let this happen to you, let’s put a stop to this horrible phenomena. 🙁

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