I stole a smoothie.

Today one of my classes was cancelled, and so I had an unusual break in my day for about an hour on campus. I decided that I needed some sustenance, so I went to my campus JIU (that stands for Juice it Up). I waited there for what seemed like forever while the chick operating the cash register talked to some fool. Am I really that good at being invisible? Finally the blending guy asked me for my order and made it, while this girl yakked away. He finished making it and the girl still hadn’t taken my money, but I kind of forgot about it and walked away. Then I realized that indeed, I had never paid for this lovely smoothie, and also I forgot a straw, so I went back. But that girl was STILL talking to that guy, she never even noticed that they had just given away a free smoothie! I was a little bit miffed, I wasn’t about to harass them to take my money, so I just walked away.

Almost immediately an immense sense of guilt washed over me. I was a thief. I stole this smoothie! I was resolved to go back there and make them take my money, but then a little devil came on my shoulder…

:evil:: What are you doing?
:angel:: Well… I never paid for this smoothie, so the Christian thing to do would be to go back and pay for it…
:evil:: Shut up, bitch! You’re a poor college student! You need to take a free smoothie where you can get it, you can’t afford to be throwing around money to people who don’t even want it!
:angel:: Yeah, but… Jesus would have gone back and given them the money. I could learn a lesson from Jesus.
:evil:: Learn this: that chick had it coming. She should have been paying attention to her customers, not flirting with that guy. Just go to class and forget about it.
:angel:: You’re right! Thanks for saving me $4.
:evil:: You’re welcome.

I gave in to temptation. About 15 minutes later I started to feel really guilty about it, and I was convinced this was going to be one of those things that God looks at when I get to heaven. And now I’m not going to get into heaven because I stole a smoothie once when I was a starving college student. 🙁

2 thoughts on “I stole a smoothie.

  1. There’s a place for people like you, and it’s called “Purgatory.” I, however, will be going into Heaven on St. Thomas Aquinas’ account that I’ve been making intellectual errors (lol) and so my unbelief is not a sin. 🙂 Haha… just kidding. I’m sure Jesus still loves you or something like that, but he’ll love you more after your soul is purged of its evil!

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