Why is dress shopping so hard?

Why is dress shopping so hard?

Mike and I went to the mall over the weekend, and I couldn’t find one nice dress that I liked. Granted, the pickins were slim. I went to all the old Hot Spots I went in HS to get dresses — Macy’s, Robinson’s May — And even some places I didn’t think would have anything, but checked anyway — Forever 21, Wet Seal, Express — nothing. The only place I haven’t gone yet is Ross (and I’m crossing my fingers here!! 😮 ).

So yesterday I decided to look online for some relatively cheap (under $50) and black dresses. It was like running a marathon. These are the ones I came up with:

Dress 1This dress I found on Smart Bargains.com. I really like this one, but the largest size it comes in is size 7, and I’m not sure that’s large enough.

Dress 2
Here is the page for that dress. I think this one is really cute, but it’s not all black. It’s black on top though, which might work. And it has larger sizes. 😀

Dress 3 This dress is almost exactly like Dress 2, except it has one shoulder and little thingies draping down. Also has nice sizes. 😀

Dress 4 I really like this one. I know the picture is red, but the dress comes in black, too. And it has a medium… I doubt I would need a large. AND it’s only $39.

Dress 5 Oh my gosh this dress is so cute! :loveeye: And it has all my sizes! I think I’m in love.

Dress 6 I kind of like the flowing feeling of this dress. Not so sure about it, but hey… it looks good. 🙂 Not sure if I like it as well as the others.

So yeah… hopefully if I don’t find a dress at Ross, I’ll buy one of these… 😡

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  1. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that part… it’s for Dave’s 50th birthday. Viv wants us to get a bit dressed up. Hey you didn’t even say which one you liked. :p

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