Yesterday, my current favorite band was on TRL. I just happened to flip to the station when one of the VJ’s said, “… and coming up we have THE KILLERS in studio.” And of course, my ears perk up at the sound of The Killers. I never watch TRL, but I always flip to MTV to see what’s on, always forgetting when TRL is on. It was like God commanded me to flip to TRL (which my sister and I affectionately call “Turl”) to see The Killers perform LIVE, which I haven’t seen yet.

And perform live they did. I have to say, I LOVE Brandon Flowers’ performance. He looks like such a goof onstage, doing all these weird hand movements and jerks of his body. Hilarious. So I watched Turl and American Idol all in one day… I’m going straight to Hell. 👿

I found this little tidbit out about a month ago, but kept forgetting to post it until now. The Killers have been nominated for three Grammy’s! Check ’em!

Best Rock Album – “Hot Fuss”
Best Rock Song – “Somebody Told Me”
Best Rock Performance by Duo or Group with Vocal – “Somebody Told Me”

YAY!! :star: But look who they’re up against for best Rock Album:

    The Delivery Man
    Elvis Costello & The Imposters
    [Lost Highway Records]
    American Idiot
    Green Day
    [Reprise Records]
    The Reason
    [Island Records]
    Velvet Revolver
    [RCA Records]

Yeah. And for Best Rock Song:

    American Idiot
    Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt & Tré Cool, songwriters (Green Day)
    Track from: American Idiot
    [Reprise Records; Publishers: WB Music Corp. & Green Daze Music.]
    Fall To Pieces
    Duff, Dave Kushner, Slash, Matt Sorum & Scott Weiland, songwriters (Velvet Revolver)
    Track from: Contraband
    [RCA; Publishers: Velvet Revolver Songs, Slash & Cash Publishing.]
    Float On
    Isaac Brock, Dann Gallucci, Eric Judy & Benjamin Weikel, songwriters (Modest Mouse)
    Track from: Good News For People Who Love Bad News
    [Epic Records; Publishers: Ugly Casanova, Tschudi Music & The Best Dressed Chicken In Town.]
    Bono, Adam Clayton, The Edge & Larry Mullen, songwriters (U2)
    [Interscope Records; Publisher: Universal Polygram International Publishing.]

Lastly, for Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal:

    Monkey To Man
    Elvis Costello & The Imposters
    Track from: The Delivery Man
    [Lost Highway Records]
    Take Me Out
    Franz Ferdinand
    Track from: Franz Ferdinand
    [Domino Recording Co.]
    American Idiot
    Green Day
    Track from: American Idiot
    [Reprise Records]
    [Interscope Records]

Needless to say, I’m a little scared for my boys. I know they can take Modest Mouse and Franz Ferdinand and Hoobastank (GOD they EVEN got NOMINATED for that piece of POOP they call a SONG?!) , but I’m not so sure when it comes to U2, Green Day, Elvis Costello, and Velvet Revolver. GO KILLERS! I think I’m going to make a new theme in honor of their nominations Out of this pic.

I wish we could vote for the Grammy’s, if so, I would TOTALLY vote for THE KILLERS.

One thought on “THE KILLERS!

  1. Ugh, I hate the Grammy’s. Each one of those songs I read I had my gag reflex act up a little bit. I HATE Modest Mouse – I don’t know why anyone likes that song. It’s STUPID. It makes me queasy. And of course the others are lame, too. But I can’t say that I like that “Somebody Told Me” song by The Killers, so I don’t know either. I’ll just not watch the Grammy’s. 🙂

    Oh, and I finally heard that “Vertigo” song, which I had sort of heard a little bit before I’m sure. I think it’s really bad. God, why do good things just go bad?! 🙁

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