I’ve used the help of a lot of websites to get this little blog to where it is today. 🙂 Hopefully you can get some use out of them, too!

*edit 03.18.2005* Buttons for my favorite sites x)

WordPress is the blogging software I use. Yay for them! 😀
DMB members are always there to help when I’m having trouble with my code. Thanks a lot you guys! You’re the best message board evar. xD
Alex King has awesome plugins and hacks for WP, as well as templates. Great place to get started!
Nora made the L’arc~en~ciel graphic. Thanks Nora!
Yining made the Notebook blend. Thanks Yining! for the images of Utada. Thanks!
Sylvia made the KareKano layout. Thanks Syl xD
Emma made the Foody theme. Hooray for Emma! had the Tinkerbell graphics that I used to make the Tinkerbell theme.
Stephanie for the DJ Biz avatar. Great pixeller. 😀
Sarah for the avatar on the L’arc layout. She has more, too. xD
I think the avatar on The Notebook layout was made by Taryn, but I’m not positive on that one. x)
Lorie at DMB made the blend on the Colin firth theme. Thanks 😀
Avatar images on the Colin Firth theme from The Colin Firth Image Gallery.
Dynamic Drive for countdown Javascripts.
DreamScapes for Minako/Sailor Venus images. for the smilies.