Everyone, I just want to let you know…


Let’s take a look at the evidence… :angel:

AMST-201-03 Intro To American Studies: A
ASAM-201-01 Hist Asian Pacific Americans: A
ENGL-200-01 Intro To Lit: A
HIST-110B-02 World Civ Since The 16c: A
PHIL-106-03 Introduction to Logic: A

YES! That brings my GPA to a 3.92, which means, in three semesters, I have only gotten one B. And of course, guess what class it was in… That’s right, MATH. THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. I am SO in the gloating mood right now… 💡

I have learned important lessons from these grades:

  1. It is possible to go to class once a week and do well (Philosophy).
  2. It is possible to go to class once a month and do well (American Studies).
  3. I am so glad that History of the world is OVER (that doesn’t really have anything to do with grades though).
  4. I shouldn’t feel too great about these grades since they are all GEs anyway.

I feel like I should buy myself a present, but alas, no money. Oh well. :smirk:

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