Great News!

For those of you who have been keeping up, sorry, but here is a re-cap:

Last night, I made the huge mistake of deleting the SQL database that stored all of my WordPress blog entries. The most recent backup I could find was from August of this year. I was able to import all of my blogger entries and whatnot again, but those four months were gone.

And now.

While I was rooting around on my computer for plugin .zip files so I could fix the plugins that went haywire, I came across a SQL backup in .zip format!! I knew I had a more recent backup somewhere, but I thought that I had deleted it on accident. As it turns out, this back up is from November! So I was able to re-create a SQL database with that file. Ah, so much easier! 1 month loss is a lot easier to swallow than 4 months. 😀

Thanks so much everyone, especially {Johnnie}!

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