Site Updates and Jesusland.

I added a few links to the dailies column ({bubs}, {Connie}, and {heather}) and I also changed the position of the sidebar on the Utada theme. I put it under the main graphic, instead of to the right side. I think it makes it look a lot better. I think I may add a border around it, too. And I’m also itching to get to the B&W Minako layout… I’m really dissatisfied with the orange one. I think I may take it down.

Also, Dave emailed me this:


He claimed that Michael Moore created it, but of course… I take everything he says with a grain of salt, haha. Apparently this Ken Layne. Damn, I’m not a part of Jesusland. 🙁

Also, careful about hating on the Prez. It could get you a visit from the Secret Service.

3 thoughts on “Site Updates and Jesusland.

  1. I saw that, I heard that Michael Moore made it too! Did he? Ken Layne? *shrug* Yeah, whoever made it is kind of a dumbass, since the Red v. Blue states is stupid because in we have a winner-take-all system, so a lot of the districts within red states are blue and vice versa, although they don’t win the whole state. You could say that the “Bible Belt” is Jesusland since they’re mostly all red down there, but not every red state is purely red and not every blue state is purely blue, even in the Bible Belt. Plus, not all Republicans are Christians (hmm, logic, Erin? hehe) anyway.

    Or I just can’t take a joke.. whichever. I still think it’s kind of dumb. Orange County would be a part of “Jesusland” no problem, so technically you are. ^_^

  2. Nit picking: Alberta would most definitely be a part of “Jesusland”

    [satire] You dirty Americans should get your facts straight before you make poor photoshops which demean another country by having it include California *eats french bread, wearing a beret and reading Mill* [/satire]

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