i miss mike.

i haven’t seen mike today, and i miss him. but overall, it’s been a pretty good day. My World History Prof never showed up, so I left along with a couple of other people. We hung out for the next hour and a half or so. They’re really cool, Andrea and Spencer. I skipped my Lit class so I could hang out with them more, haha. Then I went to my Asian American class, and our prof told us that her mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. I felt really compelled to talk to her about it after class, so I did. I just told her that my grandfather had colon cancer, and I told her about Mike, so I could really understand what she was going through, and that I’d be praying for her. I’ve never gotten personal like that with a professor before, it was refreshing. It was really great to support a sister in Christ like that. So pray for her if you’re a believer. 🙂 After that I went to Anime club, which wasn’t as great as I was hoping it would be. My American history class got cancelled that day, so I was able to go to Anime Club for the whole time. On the plus side, I won the End of Evangelion DVD. 🙂 On the downside, we watched Ikki Tousen and RahXephon. RahXephon is actually pretty tolerable (I’ve missed a few episodes so I’m not really sure what’s going on) but Ikki Tousen was essentially perverted. I wouldn’t say it was hentai, but it was pretty darn close. Ew. 🙂 After that I took a Philosophy exam (Yuck :P) and then I went to work to talk to Viv for a while (no reason :)) and then I went to my massage appointment. I first had a chiropractic exam (we’re checking out that weird thing with my leg, where it totally hurts after I sit for a while then get up). Then the massage *_* It felt sooo nice! She said I had a lot of knots in my back and tension in my neck. It felt good, my next appointment is in 2 weeks. 😀 Maybe if you’re good, I’ll buy you a massage for Christmas! Then I came home and worked on my purse… ate dinner… watched TV… now I’m blogging with you fine people. 🙂

But now I’m missing Mike. I haven’t seen him at all today, and I won’t see him for another 15 hours or so. 🙁 I can’t wait until we get married.

i love you.

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