Haven’t posted a real post in a while.

Well, I haven’t posted an actual post in a while. 😮

I guess I’ll start with Thursday, since that was the day Mike had his interview. 🙂 He interviewed at Catal Restaurant and Uva Bar in Downtown Disney. He was so nervous! But the interview went really well, and they asked him to come back that Saturday to “try out” in the kitchen. Basically, they were going to put him on the line in the kitchen to see what he could do.

Friday I went to class and had a test in my Asian American Studies class. Overall I think it went really well, there were only a few I didn’t know, but I did know all of the essays (hooray!). Hopefully I’ll score higher than a B on this one. After that class I decided not to go to my American Studies class, because it SUCKS, and I went to Mike’s house. We watched part of Citizen Kane. Neither of us had seen it before, but we figured… it’s an American classic, it’s kind of a requirement to see it. It was an okay movie, really depressing. The camera angles and cinematography and what not was awesome, though. I like Casablanca better. 😀 After that we went to Maz’s house to go kayaking on the Mission Viejo Lake. The people there were all pretty chill, it’s off-season and they basically do nothing all day. The lake smells like crap now, since they aren’t so into cleaning it I guess. We docked on a private beach and swam a bit, then got back into our kayaks and went back to the dock. Mike and I tried to tip Maz over, but to no avail. 😀 After that we went to Maz’s community and hung out in the spa there, then back to Maz’s house and watched Red vs Blue. If you haven’t seen it, check it out… it’s pretty funny. 🙂 Maz wanted to see Shaun of the Dead that night, but Mike and I weren’t really into it. So we just went back to his house and watched the Joan of Arcadia season premiere. It was so awesome, this season is going to rock. xD We watched JAG too, but I gave up on that show about four seasons ago when the HarmxMac thing got totally sabotaged. And whose idea was it to make a WebbxMac storyline!? Totally dumb. Good thing that’s over. xD

Saturday was Mike’s big day. We decided to meet at Best Buy so I could check out mice and harddrives. I ended up getting this mouse, although I wanted a mountable one. 🙁 They didn’t have one in stock, though. Oh well. After that we went to Borders, and I got the 11th volume of the KareKano manga. Only… 7 more to go! lol. 🙂 We had lunch at Jack in the Box, then we went to my house to chill out. We watched some TV and cuddled, and then I took Mike back to his car so he could go do his tryout. Then I went home and tried to study, but it was so blinking hot!! I finally finished my paper and my other homework, and worked on some new layouts, but all of them sucked. I think I might make a new “for you” section with some goodies on there, like layouts and pixels and stuff. 🙂 Overall, it was a pretty boring night. Mike called me at around 10:30 to tell me his tryout was great, and he had tons of fun. 🙂 Then I went to sleeping land. 😀

SUNDAY was church as usual, then we went home and made some lunch and watched football. e.e It was… boring, haha. I studied some, and then we went to In N Out for a fun college group activity. What happened was we did a kind of scavenger hunt/hide and go seek type thing. Mikey, Mike S., John F., and Darrin had to walk from In N Out to Casey (our pastor’s) house without getting seen by the rest of us. The rest of us got in two cars and tried to track them down after they got a ten minute head start. We couldn’t find anyone for a while, but then we finally found Darrin, and later Michael. Mike tried to scale a wall and a hill to get away from us, but to no avail. >D No one found Mike S and John F, haha. Then when we got back to Casey’s we played this fun game with the Playstation 2 eye toy. It was really funny, haha. 😀 Then Mike and I went home.

Monday I had a test in my World Civ class, boring classes, then anime club. We watched Jubei-chan and RahXephon. So far, Jubei-chan is a comedy/Magical girl series, so it’s a bit stupid, and RahXephon is an Eva knock-off, but maybe not so philosophical. Also, I got my nails done today at lunch, tee hee. Mike got a call back from the restaurant, and guess what… he’s hired! 🙂

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  1. I did too scale the wall, it just so happens that they found me on the top of some stairs, which i would have jumped off the site if it wasn’t 10 feet to the ground!

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