Girlfriend in a Coma I know, I know, it’s serious.

I have “Girlfriend in a Coma” by Morrissey (or is it The Smiths) stuck in my head. I really want to download it, but I’m afraid of being sued by the RIAA. 🙁 Someone download it for me and email it to me, please? ;-;

5 thoughts on “Girlfriend in a Coma I know, I know, it’s serious.

  1. *thumbs down to RIAA* : I’m in the same predicament because my school is one of the schools that they watch like a hawk, so I don’t ever download anything, hehe.

  2. It’s by The Smiths (from the _Strangeways Here We Come_ album, I believe) and you can probably get it on a Torrent. is great.
    I would download it for you but I have terrible limits on my up.
    Yay Canada and telling the RIAA to suck a nut. I can legally download! And as for LMU, you should bitch them out for being the RIAA’s bitch. The only reason they can do what they can is because no one is challenging them. If a few universities got together and decided to push the issue, looking towards the Canadian case for a possible justification.

    Obligatory comment – The Smiths make me cry. Not because they’re a mope band, but because they suck, so very, very much.

  3. Er, forgot to end my thought there. I meant to say that if a few universities got together they could set down pro-downloading precedent. But that would require money and universities are already good at wasting that.

    Obligatory Simpsons quote – Lisa: As Little Miss Sprinfield I’d like to say that sports takes away money that could be better spent on arts and sciences!
    Nerds: She’s right! Let’s get ’em!
    *three nerds storm field and football players run away frightened*

  4. lol wow Ty. 😀 I’m checking out that link now, even though it’s past my bedtime. :O And yes, universities are GREAT at wasting money 😀

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