What’s going on with me?

Well kids, I thought I’d do a little update so you could know what’s going on with me lately. 🙂

All this week I worked and took care of my mom, since she came home from the hospital this week. She’s glad to be home, hehe. Yesterday I took half the day off, since I had to register. Mike picked me up from work and we went to the Laguna Hills mall and had lunch at Ruby’s. Then we went back to work and I registered. After that we went to the Orange County Fair. We looked at some exhibits and went on a couple rides (including the huge ferris wheel — eek!) and left around 7. After that, we were driving by the South Coast Plaza, and I commented that I had never been there before. So we decided to go there and walk around for a while. It was so amazing! All the stores are so huge and expensive. :mrgreen: We barely got through the top floor and we were exhausted, so we decided to leave. It was a really fun day, thanks baby. ^^

Today we’re going to go to a Switchfoot concert with Jason (Mike and Greg’s friend), Greg, Mike, and I’m bringing my neice Amber along, too. I’m so excited, it should be fun. 😀 It’s at the Del Mar raceway. Yay!!