Spiderman 2 mistakes

These make sense…

“Plot hole: After Peter is unmasked in Harry’s apartment, he implores Harry to tell him where to find Octavius. There is no scene in the movie in which Octavius tells Harry where he is building the fusion reactor, nor is there any reason why he would have told him. Nevertheless, the next scene has Peter in Octavius’ lab, implying that Harry was able to tell him where it was.”

I was WONDERING about that! I remember thinking, “why would Harry know?”

“Factual error: The only elevated trains in Manhattan are Metro North that goes to Connecticut and the N, Q, R, W line that goes to Brooklyn/Queens, and that line goes over a bridge. None of these trains are elevated in mid-Manhattan; and most certainly, the end of the subway line would not just be a big metal “bumper” that leads into the water.”

Yay for convenient dramatic elements. 🙂

“Factual error: When Peter Parker arrives at work to deliver the pizzas he is told that he must go 42 blocks in 8 minutes. 42 blocks is enough distance to go from on end of most large cities to the other end. A New York block would be even larger. The pizza place’s guarantee was 29 minutes or free. There is no way a company in New York would be able to make and deliver 8 pizzas 42 blocks away in that amount of time. There are a million pizza stores in New York so why would someone order from one so far away AND what kind of pizza store would take that order and guarantee it?”

A Crazy Pizza store in Spiderman 2, that’s who. 😀

“Continuity: In the diner, Doc Ock tells Peter to have Spider-Man meet him at 3:00 at the West Tower. So it is between 3-3:30 when Ock captures Spider-Man on the train. He doesn’t deliver him to Harry until it is night. Considering he was in a rush to get the tritium, he waited an awfully long time to deliver him.”

Yeah, that’s right!

“Plot hole: Harry tells Doc Ock that in order to find Spider-Man he must find Peter first. Doc Ock finds Peter with Mary Jane in the cafe and throws a car through the window straight at them. Any normal man would’ve been killed instantly, and Doc Ock doesn’t know that Peter is Spiderman. Given that Peter is his only lead on Spiderman, it makes no sense that Doc Ock would effectively try to kill him.”

Yeah… That’s right, it wouldn’t really make sense to kill him.

“Continuity: During the train scene, Spiderman’s mask had gone partially black. We also see it when Spidey puts his mask back on. Yet when Doc brings him to Harry, we don’t even see a patch of darkness on his mask.”

I noticed that.

“Factual error: Considering the brightness of the fusion process, Dr. Octavius has to wear special goggles to be able to see it. Yet no one else in the room is wearing such goggles or seem hurt by watching the whole process, just as at the end of the movie. When welding something, no one can look at the arc that’s created, as it would hurt his eyes and burn his retina; presumably, the fusion process would be brighter and more powerful than that, and so should have some kind of damaging effect on everyone’s eyesight (except Spider Man’s, maybe).”

I noticed that, too! Damn, I should write for this site. XD

“Continuity: Peter has a small horseshoe-shaped scar on his right cheek. In Dr. Octopus’s lab, as Octopus is destroying the fusion reactor, they share a meaningful look and the scar has switched cheeks.”

Haha, that’s like the scar in PoA! All the HP fans were screaming about how it was moving. Like the mole in Robin Hood, Men in Tights. (That’s 2 entries in the last 2 days I’ve made reference to RH:MIT. I should do it every entry! Like Ralph does [or used to] with “Amadeus” on Kevin and Bean in the mornings on KROQ!!)

“Plot hole: During Doc Ock’s first fusion presentation, he has decided not to thoroughly pre-test the experiment, not provide eye protection for his guests, not provide any barrier between his guests and a fusion reactor, not provide an easy to find “kill switch” (pulling out bundles of unwieldy cables is not an easy disconnect), not have a back-up set of arms, to test in a room full of metal objects (we know that magnetism is a problem; he mentions that the arms must be resistant to magnetism), and to test an experimental fusion reactor in an unshielded apartment building in the middle of crowded New York City. It is possibly the worst planned experiment ever. This goes way beyond being “assured that everything will go as planned.”

I remember thinking that it’s kind of weird that there’s no barrier between the people and the experiment.

There are a ton more, I found them on the link that Vanessa provided in her comment to the Notebook Part 2: http://www.moviemistakes.com/film3843.

4 thoughts on “Spiderman 2 mistakes

  1. Hrm. Well, some of those could be considered spoilers; Even though I’ve no plans of seeing the film, that could have ruined some parts. ;P

  2. “Continuity: During the train scene, Spiderman’s mask had gone partially black. We also see it when Spidey puts his mask back on. Yet when Doc brings him to Harry, we don’t even see a patch of darkness on his mask.”

    That is because Spider-Man fixed his mask on the way with his multicolored webs!

  3. Yeah, I like in NYC and the train they were showing was supposed to be the R because it showed a sign saying Bay Ridge. But despite the errors, I looved S-M2

  4. Well, if you didn’t want to know about the movie, you didn’t have to read the post… after all, it does say “SpiderMan 2 Mistakes” prominently in the title.

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