Friends, I now have a style switcher!

No longer are you stuck looking at pink lilies all day long. Now you can change what style you want to view my blog in! Isn’t it grand? I love WP. ^^ It was a bit hard to figure out (turns out I didn’t have the latest WP installed *shakes fist at e-starr*), but now I got it! Next, you’ll be seeing more smilies in my posts, because I’ll be adding a hack that will allow me to see my smilies when I’m posting. 😀 I can click on them, and they’re there! (Like a message board. :)) Anywho, I need to get crackin. This is so fun. But if you could leave a comment and tell me which style you see when you first come to my page, without changing it, that would be great. 🙂 Thanks!

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