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city_of_dis: ATTENTION SO-CALLED CHRISTIANS: WE STILL HAVE LIONS AND WE STILL KNOW HOW THEY WORK: This is an article I found on Crystal’s livejournal. It’s a pretty funny read.

Get One for the Gipper: A Photo Gallery of Reagan’s life: At MSNBC. President Reagan died. 🙁 I really liked I love you, Ronnie

Happy National Cancer Survivors Day!: It was actually last Sunday, June 6th, but better late than never. Happy Cancer Survivors Day, Mike. 🙂 Read some stories of cancer survivors here.

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  1. Catch-22:

    If all Christians agree, they must not be independent thinkers. They must follow their dogma cultishly.

    If Christians disagree, they must mostly be wrong, since it’s statistically unlikely that one of the many denominations, cults, or schisms is correct.

    Proposed solution: Form a church that doesn’t believe anything and has no authorities. The only difference from any other online forum is the name.

    I’m not sure the poster understands the differences between the mainstream denominations and the newer cults and schisms. He seems to believe that most modern Christians share the same puritanical attitudes that dominated America over 200 years ago. I have yet to hear any person of one denomination tell a person from a different denomination that they are going to hell. Except for those nutjobs who feel it their duties to give reasonable Christians a bad name by spouting hate.

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