Memorial Day was so fun!

I’m glad we had Memorial Day off, because it was so fun! Let’s see, what did we do. Well, I did some laundry in the morning and watched the first Full Metal Panic! DVD. I really liked it! I can’t wait to watch the rest. I told Vanessa about the beach, but she couldn’t go, her Dad was having a Memorial Day BBQ type thing. So Mike picked me up, and we went to In N Out for lunch *yum!* After that, we drove off to Aliso Creek! Originally, we were going to take the Toll Road to the 133, which turns into Laguna Canyon Road, then take PCH up, but Laguna Canyon Road was sooo crowded. So we got on El Toro and took it to Moulton, then to Crown Valley to PCH. It was a really roundabout way, but it worked. ^_^; Then once we got to Aliso Creek, it was so packed! We ended up parking on a residential street on the hill across PCH and walking. L It wasn’t too bad though. Once we got there, we saw two ladies sunbathing topless, and that was nice. A lifeguard came over and told them to cover those puppies up soon after, though. The ladies were old and flat, too. Anyhow, we met Becca, Lisa, Maz, Jack, and Austin there. Later Chris Steele and Jorge came, and then Caity Ward, Christie Schott, and Katie Bounds came, then Gabe, and lastly Kyle (right as we were about to leave. L). At first I was lonely because the boys set up Badminton and were playing, and Lisa and Becca were talking, and Caity and the girls were together, and I was alone… I really wanted Vanessa to be there so I could have someone to talk to, hehe. But then I got my courage up and sat with Caity, Christie, and Katie and talked with them. Later Mike, Maz, Jack, Jorge, Caity, and I went into the water and got totally rocked by some waves. Around 5:30ish we (Maz, Jack, Chris, Jorge, Austin, Becca, Lisa, Caity, Christie, Kyle, Mike, and I) decided to go to Mike’s house to go in the pool and have some food. We played Marco Polo in the pool, went back to the house and ate some pizza and hot dogs, and Caity and Christie had to leave. Then we watched TV for a bit and played Apples to Apples, which is always a fun game. Vanessa came and then Caity and Christie came back. Then I left around 10 to get some sleep, so I could get my dead butt into work on Tuesday. 😛

All in all, I think it was a really fun day once I got over being lonely. It was also fun to see everyone again, I haven’t seen a lot of those people in a while. I have a bit of a sunburn today, though. :p Mike’s grandfather also came for a visit last night, I think he’ll be here until Thursday or Friday. I’m kind of nervous, I don’t know him very well. I guess this is an opportunity to get to know him better!

The other day, the weirdest thing happened. I don’t really remember where I was, but I think I was driving. All of a sudden, I missed my Dad. I haven’t been spending too much time with him lately.