College group was fun. :)

After my last post, I finished up Onegai Teacher (actually, I have one episode left). It is actually not a bad anime, I kind of enjoyed it. Even though the storyline is kind of weird. 🙂 Worth checking out, though! Anyway, then I looked at different websites. I was thinking of making a Tifa and Aerith Friendship shrine, because I hate how the fans of each character hate each other. It’s really immature and it gives the characters a bad stigma. The so-called “war” between Aerith and Tifa fans is one of the most well-known things about Final Fantasy VII fandom. 🙁 So I was thinking about making a site about it so that we can start to change this stigma! Wow, I’m really a nerd… I care about what people think about GAME characters…

Then Mike got home (yay! :D) then we had to take his mom to pick up her car from the car fixing place… yeah… Then we headed home to prepare for a college group get together at Mike’s house. I kind of didn’t expect anyone to come, since we forgot to tell anyone at church, and kind of relied on spreading it through word of mouth. But it worked out! When we got home, Will was waiting there for us, hehe. He’s really a nice and funny guy. Then Holly, Chad, John, Kimmy, Rob, Mike S., Maz, and Troy all came later. We went to the pool in Mike’s community, played DDR, pool, and watched Family Guy. Maz had to leave at around 10:30 because he promised Gio that he would help him with his little sister’s Prom after-party at the house. I wonder how that went, poor Maz.

I went home at around midnight and crashed in my bed. 🙂 Never has it felt so comfortable! Now I need to take a shower, because I have to go to Fullerton and drop my English final essay off (why I couldn’t just email it, I don’t know) and then go to Mike’s so we can go to the beach (if weather permits….!). If we don’t go to the beach, I think we might see Saved! I want to see that so bad. 😀 Ta!