Today, today

Today was great. I studied for my geography exam, finished my poli sci quizzes, added a new header to my image gallery, finally finished the new layout for, got a new layout up on here (even if I didn’t make it… haaaa), and tried to start adding my php scripts I like back to my blog. The one script I can’t seem to get to work is the phpCalendar, which is sad because it was my favorite. For whatever reason, I can’t get the css to work with it, and the font size ends up being ginormous (yes, ginormous. Gigantic + enormous = ginormous). So, I’ll be a happy camper once I can get that to work. Maybe I’ll go back to using my events list at DNW. But I really liked the calendar view. 🙁 We’ll see! Tomorrow I’ll be writing my paper for my poli sci final, and hopefully maybe my English one as well. I was supposed to talk to kristin about cosplaying (Greg asked me to :)) but she’s still not online, and I’m getting pretty tuckered out. 🙁 Anyway, toodles!

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