Hi guys!

Eh, today, was not such a great day. I was tired pretty much all day, which put me in a bad mood. Then it rained. Even worse. Then of course, there was traffic all on the way home. Then my Cal Grant Pin wouldn’t work. *sigh* By that time I was feeling so crappy that there was only one solution: sleep. So I slept for a while. Now I’m awake and entertaining you fine people. 🙂

I added a comment feature to this thing. I didn’t like the other one I had 🙂 But this one is cool.

Um… I don’t like the rain so much? I need to add links and thing to this bloggie. I like the layout, it’s just not very practical with all the content I want to add to it. The next layout will probably be div layers. But I like how the iFrames worked out. For yay. 😀 I miss my calendar. I want another calendar, too. I want to know how those… calendars work. Lemme see if I can find an example. Ah, here’s one. The little calender is at the bottom. I want one. 🙁

Okay enough whining and coveting other people’s calendars. 🙂