I’m a bad person

I forgot to call Vanessa yesterday and tell her Mike and I weren’t going to go to Condom Revolution. I was going to, but it was too early, and then by the time it wasn’t too early I forgot. 🙁 Yesterday I just hung out at Mike’s all day. We watched ‘The Santa Clause 2,’ which sucked, and part of ‘Good Fellas,’ which just made me feel uneasy. There was so much blood/killing/dying/drugs/badness that it made me feel a little not good. Then we played Mah Jongg while listening to the Police. Then Viv mentioned that she and Greg were going to see Sting in concert, and would I like to go since Mike doesn’t want to? Hell Yes! And how could Mike NOT want to GO?! He doesn’t like concerts, apparently. I’ve never been to a real concert before! I’ve been to plenty of shows, that doesn’t count, though. So yeah, I hope we go, that is so exciting. 😀

What is going on today? I don’t know. 🙂