Thanksgiving Fun!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving: yum. I helped cook a lot. 😀 My grandma arrived at around 9 that morning, and we cooked and stuff and finally had dinner around 3. Since there was only 5 of us, we have tons of leftovers. Yayyyy. I put my hair up in curlers for some reason, and left them in for like, 4 hours lol. And my hair curled! And stayed curled! I was so happy. I went to Mike’s at around 6 and we played bunco. It was a pretty fun game. Then his family left [I still need to learn their names 🙁 I feel so bad, I’ve met them like 4 times now, and I still can’t remember all of their names] and we decided to go see The Haunted Mansion. It was okay, the storyline kind of sucked. Mike’s dad was bored the whole time. I got scared at a couple parts, but yeah. It wasn’t that bad. 🙂

I don’t know what we’re doing today. Mike’s going to Best Buy this morning for the insane before noon sale they’re having. There’s this pretty good computer for only $200. I want it. 🙁 Then I could have my own computer…!

Ciao. ;D