If you notice, to your right i have consolidated the menu into either pop ups or drop down menus. The drop down menus were a BITCH to do. I have no idea why, but they just didn’t like me. I’ll master their technique one day. 🙂 The pop ups were fairly simple to master, but thanks a bunch to ere-serene.org for all the help. 🙂

So yeah… What else? I guess I’ll go over my weekend. Friday I saw Matrix: Revolutions. I guess it was okay, I don’t know. ^_^; I was never into the Matrix anyway, so yeah… The best part was being with Mike. 😀 And Maz, Jorge, Jack, Kyle, Harry, and Greg were there. w00t.

Saturday was Greg’s birthday party! I can’t wait until I can post the pictures of that. 😀 Mike and I’s costume was so great. 😀 I had lots and lots of fun. ^^ And Mike’s mommie bought Finding Nemo for me, yayyyyy 😀 “Mine! Mine! Mine!” I won the prize for having the most money, because we gambled with fake money. 🙂 And Maz and Jack won the prizes for guessing who the killer was, Jorge won a prize for… I dunno what lol. It was fun times. 😀 Mike was the one who was murdered! lol. Mike and Maz did the Blackjack table and Mike’s dad did the craps table. Funnn. 😀

Sunday Mike and I studied. And watched Finding Nemo! Hah. Then he went back to school. 🙁

Today I went to 2 classes and then went to APU. ^^;; Oh well, history and Psych aren’t THAT important…

I want to make a new layout for this blog. But I’m afraid that the drop down menus will stop working if I do, lol. I brought Escaflowne from Mike’s dorm to watch, and Greg lent me Excel Saga and Haibane Renme to watch. Yay anime, I <3 u. 😀