I decided to post on all my blogs.

Since Mike has to study right now. :p

Thursday I worked, poo. 😛 On of my coworkers, Mabel, and her boyfriend Vito carved the Linux penguin into their pumpkin for Halloween, lol. They copied it from a picture on slashdot but I can’t find it right now.

Friday we had our Halloween party! I felt bad, I feel like people weren’t having fun, but I hope they did. 🙂 A lot of people came! Caroline, Lisa, Sydney, Joanna, Becca, Beth, Lisa Thompson, Vanessa, Maz, Jorge, Jack, Kyle and Ryan all came. 😀 I was very happy. 🙂 We played Apples to Apples and watched ‘The Hulk.’ Pictures soon. 🙂

Today is Saturday! :D! Mike and I are going to be doing something as soon as Mike gets done studying. His dad is forcing him to. Just like in HS. -_- Oh well, what are you going to do…?

I’ve been watching Kenshin. It’s pretty good, I like it so far. My brother got a program for me that allows me to get screenshots from the videos. 😀 Awesomeeee. Maybe I’ll make a Kenshin layout sometime. Okay, see y’all!