By the way…

I’m sure you noticed by now that I renamed my blog, ‘invisible girl.’ vanessa knows where that came from. 😀

We have to do presentations in school, and I still have to choose my topic. I don’t know what to do it on… 🙁 I need to pick something relevant that interests me. Nothing that’s relevant interests mee. 🙁 I need helpppp.

My weekend was coool. I went shopping on Friday with Vanessa and Terinn. I got a lot of cool stuff! Like… cargo pants, brown shirt, pink off the shoulder cool shirt with grey stripes, a grey skirt that’s really cute, and a pink bra! 😀 And a Care Bears hankerchief. 😀 Then Mike, Maz, Vanessa, Greg and I all went to the Spectrum and saw Scary Movie 3. And it was scary — scary how dumb it was. But it was okay because I was with my friends. 😀

Saturday I made the new layout [and first] for dare to slack.. Then I went to Mike’s and we… oh yeah! We went and picked his car up from the car… place… Then we went to Pinkywear and shopped more for me [Mikey is the best!] and I bought a new pair of jeans and two pairs of earrings. And then we went to Ralphs [even though they’re on strike — oh! we’re such rebels!!] and bought strawberry shortcake ice cream bars. *_* Then we went back to Mike’s house, chilled, then went to Karsten and Vanessa’s Wedding. This is a different Vanessa than the one I’m always talking about. ;D It was really cute, albeit plain. I’m sure they didn’t have a ton of money to piss away on a wedding. 🙂 By the way, Karsten is a youth leader at my church. 🙂 After that, we went back to Mike’s house for [after picking In N’ Out up for dinner] to watch Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. Can you believe that was 22 years ago? Neither can I.

Sunday went to church, and then we had lunch at Carmel’s. Yumm. Then Mike and I did homework. Then Mike went back to college. Boo. 🙁

Watched Inuyasha again at Anime club today. I got a 90% on my history midterm — yayyyy. And I got 100% on another math quiz. I took a test in Speech today. I don’t feel so good about it. 🙁 At least I knew the essays! I got 100% on the last one… I hope I get an A on this one, too. Doubtful. :
I need to study more… ja!