Um, what can I put here?

Hi. I just want to thank everyone for updating so that I had something to read during my lunch break at work today. It made my… half hour lunch, lol. I’m so glad it’s Wednesday tomorrow. That means I don’t have to work. I’m also glad I did so much homework tonight! I’m proud of myself. I only have 2 more journal entries to go, and I’m done with that history motherload. And then I have to study for the midterm, eek! I’m tired. Only 2 more days until I get to see Mike [not counting today, since it is almost over]. I was going to actually publish something, now I forget.

Oh yeah! Halloween Party! Go to the site in Mike’s profile to get info. If you don’t know Mike’s sn… im me and ask for the link, lol. And if you’ve seen it… RSVP! You can even do so by tagging me on my tagboard over there. =>

I can’t wait until friday. Then Mike won’t be hanging out with the Spanish girls, he’ll be hanging out with ME.