Finally, a real post!

How are you? I’m dandy. Anyway, I thought I should comment on this little layout and other things.

It’s from Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, [affectionately referred to by its fans as ‘KareKano’] with an autumn theme, because… duh, we’re in autumn now. I really enjoyed making this layout. I know it’s ametuerish and whatever, but I like it. I actually implemented some skillz in making it. Anyway, yeah the layout is basically the same as the last in it’s organization but… whatever, cry. I like it so there. 😛

I was doing work the other day and I came across a guy named “Alex Loaiza” from Costa Rica. I thought of Vanessa, lol. I wonder if they’re related?

Yeah, suddenly I don’t want to post anymore. Bye.