Hehe, remember Napster?

I remember back a few years ago when Napster was getting sued and whatnot, I was in my resident chat [oh, how I miss it!] and everyone was like, “Tomorrow Napster is getting closed down! Quick, download everything you can!!” It was funny. It didn’t get shut down, haha. The last few months that Napster was still online it sucked, no one used it anymore. Ah, the good ol’ days… that chat was so fun…

I want to get my site hosted, but I don’t think I will. I mean, if I am going to get it hosted, I might as well have some content besides my blog. But I have no talent in creating content based webpages. I don’t even have talent in creating a blog. Yeah. And besides that, I would want to be able to make my own layouts [besides searching a week for one I actually like… God Gosh, that sucked.] which I cannot do for 2 reasons:
a)I do not have the software.
b)I do not have the know-how to use the software.
PSP is crap. I need Photoshop or something, but my computer won’t be able to handle it. Gar. In addition, I am not sure my web skills are advanced enough in order to be able to run a functioning site. Murr. -_- It makes me so sad when I see people like half my age running totally awesome websites, that I could never even dream of creating.

I think I’ll try to download PhotoShop and see what happens…